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My Art

Fine Artist - 3D Generalist - Digital Painter

Greetings, nice to meet you. I'm a UK born designer based in London.  I have a background in fine art and animation, including an MA in digital media.  This creative experience has led me to follow a career in UX/UI design by day, however by night I love to delve into anything creative.

My Showreel

My showreel covers the animated movie Nimona which I am proud to have worked on at DNEG Animation, as well as other software I have used such as Unreal Engine, Nuke, Maya and Zbrush.

I've also experimented with metahuman for Unreal Engine this was using my own zBrush model I had sculpted.



Explore, discover and most importantly, create!

I have a slew of interests, one which is photography, and stemming from that is Astrophotography as well as experimental slit-scan work captured from day-to-day life.  When I'm not snapping images from our wonderful Universe I also enjoy creating art, from sculpting in 3D software to traditional sketching.  Finally, when I'm not in the snowy alps falling over trying to learn to ski I bring it back down to Earth by honing my culinary skills and cooking up some dishes from around the globe.

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