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CRM Platform

This project was for a CRM Platform for a material based trading company.  An already estabilished system in place that required a fresh update on it's simple interface.

Location: Remote.

Services: Greenfield Design, Prototyping, Refresh.

Role: UI/UX Designer.




This CRM system needed a fresh revamp on its data entry forms and general interface. As a team, we looked at ways to improve the visual fidelity of the pages whilst keeping them as close to the originals as possible.

On this project I have worked on the initial research to prototyping using Axure RP.  As the core was mostly built we focused on making the fields cleaner and looking ahead to making it responsive.




With the main architecture already built on the developers end, a clean up of the UI and UX was needed to streamline the usability.

Using Axure to create responsive prototypes was a key in choosing the initial layout designs, this helped to decide how to break up the data fields respectively.



& Solution

Technically this was completed through development but the user interfaces were still placeholders so I had to take the raw data through spreadsheets and plan a new streamlined interface as the project was going live and needed a version for the client.

The previous version had a lengthy list of fields to complete.  My solution was to break up the forms into sub-categories which allowed for easier management of the pages.


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